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    Myths About Cleaning Silver

    Myth #1: Toothpaste is a good silver cleaner. Maybe back in the days when toothpaste was mostly baking soda and water, this was true. However, nowadays there are so many additives in toothpaste that you are taking a big risk by using it to clean your silver jewelry.

    Myth #2: Commercial silver polishes are a good choice. Many polishes are simply too strong and abrasive to be used on silver. While they may help the silver look shiny in the short-term, they will make the silver tarnish more easily in the long run.

    Myth #3: The more your customers wear their jewelry, the more they need to clean it. Actually, the opposite may be true. While people have different body chemistries, in general, the oil from your skin acts to protect silver from tarnishing.